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Cooler Master 300m Riser Cable PCI-E 3.0 x16 (Version 2)

  • Product Type: PCI-E Riser Cable
  • Length: 0.30m
  • LED Colour: Red
  • Connections: PCI-E x16 (M) to PCI-E x16 (F)
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RISER CABLE PCIE 3.0 X16 VER. 2 - 300MM FLEX YOUR GRAPHICS MUSCLE - Ultra Durable PCB - Heavy duty shielding - Gold pin connections - Protective ABS casing - Stainless steel-reinforced PCI slot - Ultra-flexible cable sleeves FLEX YOUR GRAPHICS MUSCLE The Cooler Master Riser Cable PCIe 3.0 x16 Ver. 2 - 300mm comes revised for maximum flexibility and durability. High quality plastics grant increased cable flexibility and strength for the tightest PCI card installations, while the heavy-duty shielding prevents electromagnetic interference from degrading signal quality. A stainless steel PCI slot adds extra rigidity to the riser to support even the largest and heaviest graphics cards. The IPC4101D compliant PCB provides the best in class performance under high thermal loads and cable flex than any of the non-compliant competitor riser cables in the market. ULTRA DURABLE PCB The IPC4101D compliant PCB provides the best in class performance under high thermal loads, cable flex, and moisture resistance than any of the non-compliant competitor riser cables in the market. HEAVY DUTY SHIELDING EMI shielded 28/30 AWG copper wires ensure minimal signal delay and electromagnetic interference-free operation. GOLD PIN CONNECTIONS Gold PCI pins allow maximum electrical conductivity with a rated 110g of insertion force per contact pair for high durability. PROTECTIVE ABS CASING UV resistant ABS casing protects cable connection points from rough handling. Freely express yourself: Download the 3d printable files (.stl) and create your own customized design. STAINLESS STEEL-REINFORCED PCI SLOT Nickel-plated stainless steel PCI slot adds rigidity for superior card retention for even the heaviest PCI card installations. ULTRA-FLEXIBLE CABLE SLEEVES TPE cable sleeves allow for maximum flexibility and durability for the tightest cable routing jobs. Model Number MCA-U000C-KPCI30-300 Units Per Package 1 piece per package Colour Black Compatibility PCI-E 3.0 Certifications EMI IPC4101D/21 Materials PCBA Copper Wire Insulation Materials PE TPE Other Materials ABS Stainless Steel Nickel Gold Brass Connectors PCI-E x16 Male to PCI x16 90° Female Cable Length 300mm Contact Current Rating 1.1A per contact pin Operating Temperature -20° to +100° Celsius Weight 110g Note This product is only compatible for devices that support the PCI-E 3.0 specification. If you use this product with a motherboard that supports PCI-E 4.0, please enter into BIOS option and select PCI-E 3.0 before installation.
Product Details

Key Specifications

Product Type
PCI-E Riser Cable
LED Colour
PCI-E x16 (M) to PCI-E x16 (F)
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