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Akasa AK-455 5g Thermal Compound Syringe & Akasa AK-TC 125ml Thermal Interface Cleaning Fluid TIM Kit

Key Specifications
Product Type Thermal Compound & Cleaning Fluid
Volume 5g & 125ml
Paste Colour Grey & Clear
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- AK-455 thermal compound with a spreader
- TIM Clean CPU and heatsink cleaner

TIM Clean fluid removes all thermal interface residues including silver based and prepares the chipset surface for new thermal compound. A safe citrus base solvent which leaves no residue. Ideal for cleaning CPU, GPU, Northbridge, RAM etc.

High performance AK-455 thermal compound has an advanced formula designed to maximise heat transfer from chipset/CPU to the heatsink enabling you to get more from your existing cooler. The high viscosity formula efficiently fills invisible surface imperfections to improve contact and thermal conductivity.

5g thermal compound syringe enough for 10-15 CPU cooler installations and 125ml bottle of TIM Clean will last for even more CPU surface preparations. TIM kit is a must have for every PC enthusiasts.

- Designed for all types of PC CPU's, GPU's and chipsets
- Suitable for high wattage CPU's
- Thermally advanced for maximum cooler performance
- Spreader card makes applying thermal compound easy
- TIM Clean leaves no residue

Cleaner: Clear
CPU Paste: Grey

Cleaner: Bottle
CPU Paste: Syringe and Spreader Card

Thermal Conductivity
CPU Paste: >2.4 W/mK

Cleaner: 125ml
CPU Paste: 5g

Operating Temperature
CPU Paste: -50 °C - 200 °C

CPU Paste: 76 cPs

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