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Cooler Master MasterGel Regular 2.5g Thermal Compound Syringe

  • Product Type: Thermal Compound
  • Volume: 2.5g
  • Paste Colour: Grey
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MASTERGEL REGULAR HIGH PERFORMANCE THERMAL GREASE - Enhanced User Experience Design - Precise and Even - High Conductivity to aid heat transfer ENHANCED USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN Exclusively flat-nozzle syringe designed to enhance application experience CRAFT OF NANOSCALE Uses of craft of nanoscale which has high heat conductivity and high anti-erosion HIGH CONDUCTIVITY TO AID HEAT TRANSFER Range of thermal conductivity that will match cooling requirements and aid heat transfer from CPU/GPU to your cooler PRECISE AND EVEN Includes cleaning cloth to remove the leftover of your CPU/GPU Model Number MGX-ZOSG-N15M-R2 Colour Gray Thermal Conductivity 5 (W/m-K) Specific Gravity 2.5 (g/cm3) (25°C) Volume 1.5ml Grease Cleaner Yes Series Thermal Grease MasterGel Series Cooler Type Thermal Grease
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Key Specifications

Product Type
Thermal Compound
Paste Colour
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